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The Shattered Kingdoms standard calendar was adopted in the first few centuries after the Great Upheaval.  There were a few different calendars being used across the realm as the world rebuilt itself but all of them were a variant of the standard 12 month calendar from before the Great Upheaval. The major differences were the various names of the months.

It wasn’t till the 4th century when the remnants of the Manconian Empire, the Empire created by the followers of Mancos, following The Wyrm Wars, created the final version of the calendar that the rest of the world adopted. This calendar is sometimes refereed to as the Mancosian Calendar. One of the last great things the Empire did before they faded into history was make their calendar the official calendar of the Empire. That forced most of the rest of the world to adopt the calendar, making it the calendar now used across all of the Shattered Kingdoms. 

The names of the months have a variety of origins. Some are names of Emperors who did great or terrible deeds while others are names of legendary heroes or gods. Regardless of their origins, they all have one thing in common, they made an impact to the history of the Shattered Kingdoms

There are 12 months to a year, each month has 3 weeks and each week has 10 days for a total of 360 days a year. 

Months of Shattered Kingdoms

Month Name
1 Stormglide
2 Brogner
3 Furrowbeard
4 Kullth
5 Mancos
6 Starbinder
7 Netherbeard
8 Mirthroar
9 Lufian
10 Mournguard
11 Fusebeard
12 Mirthbinder


This is a list of Holidays celebrated throughout the Shattered Kingdoms. It is organized chronologically by month and day. Most major holidays in Shattered Kingdoms are week long affairs. Some are religious holidays and are not always celebrated by everyone but are noteworthy due to their popularity and cultural significance.


Lufian's Love, 1st - 10th