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The Church of Mancos was created in 20 AGU at the command of Mancos. He trusted his most loyal servant, Kullth , with the founding of the church. Kullth was also the first High Priest. The church was first and foremost the mortal vehicle for Mancos' will and was immediately weaponized. Kullth managed to raise an army very quickly and in the following year, with the leadership of Mancos, they started The Wyrm Wars in a bid to organize the mortals of the Shattered Kingdoms. 

In the year 51 AGU, Kullth and the Church of Mancos, in an effort to see the unification of the Shattered Kingdoms, founded the Manconian Empire . The Church was at the center of the Empire. The leader of the Church was also the leader of the Empire, making Kullth the first Emperor of the Manconian Empire

While the Church was the religion of the Empire they did not discriminate against most religions. In fact the Church of Alaforne, the church dedicated to the Great Wyrms Alaforne was a sister church to the Church of Mancos. The one church which was banned throughout the empire, and was fundamentally opposed to the Church, was the Church of Egesa, which was founded to oppose Mancos during The Wyrm Wars

Near the end of The Wyrm Wars , in 54 AGU, Kullth was killed in an effort the save the life of his lord Mancos . He was raised to Sainthood by the church and was the first Saint of the Church. Since then there has been several Saints, including a few living Saints. 

Current History

The power of the Church has been intrinsically linked to the power of Manconian Empire. The current power of the church has greatly been diminished but is still one of the most widely worshiped religions. All of the holdings in the Manconian Empire, while autonomous, still follow the teachings of the Church. 

Most recently the Church ordered a Crusade in order to help their lord Mancos bring order to the kingdom of Galdaria. They were integral in the events of The Cleansing Storm. The response to the call was small, very few people believed Mancos himself would lead the army like the Church claimed. 

The church has started to grow in power once more, now that their lord Mancos was seen walking the realm of Shattered Kingdoms again, despite the fact he has been turned to stone. The powers granted to the followers of Mancos are still intact and they hope to free their lord and have him walk among them once again.