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The Fall of Zena's Sanctum

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The Octavious Expanse

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The Cleansing Storm

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The Fey WIldes

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Welcome to the Shattered Kingdoms Wiki. This site is dedicated to outlining the world of Shattered Kingdoms and all the events that have taken place. Not only can you see what has transpired you can also create pages to explore the history of the players.

What is Shattered Kingdoms?

Shattered Kingdoms is a yearly Amtgard camping event in the North West Region of the United States. In addition to the main annual event smaller day long events may be held at local parts as a prologue or epilogue of the the main event.

The Shattered Kingdoms' event structure is unique in North West Amtgard. The event isn't a series of quests but is one quest that lasts four days.

Each event is written as a choose your own adventure book. Typically each day is a Chapter and the main story events are listed as sub chapters.

Littered throughout the event are story elements that can change by the player's interaction. So not only do the players' actions affect next years event, but also the event they are currently playing.

Each event is a book set in the world of the Shattered Kingdoms, an ever expanding world shaped by the player's actions.

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