Shattered Kingdoms Amtgard Wiki

Zena was once part of an adventuring group, a group that also contained another figure of note Markis Incor. No one knows exactly when he was born but the best educated guess is around 2800 AGU. His group’s most notable achievement was overcoming the evil king Galious and restoring peace to the kingdom of Isikar. After that adventure the group separated and went their own ways.

On his own, Zena was often a recluse. It is rumored that he met the Great Wyrm Heofon. The exact nature of their meeting is unknown, in fact if it is true it’s the first known sighting of the dragon since The Wyrm Wars. It is said he became the champion of Heofon and did for him a great dead in a far away land. But, this is all rumor.

Eventually Zena decided to settle down and built himself a tower outside the Kingdom of Galdaria. Around the tower sprung up a town called Zena’s Sanctum but he hardly dealt with the town directly.

In 2934 AGU Zena’s apprentice betrayed him, tried to kill him and take his grimoire. Zena was wounded but he managed to fight off his apprentice and banished him from the tower.  He managed to get to a his stasis chamber but was unable to close to door for it to regenerate him and he disappeared from the world, not to be seen again for five years,

It wasn’t till the year 2939 AGU and the events of The Octavious Expanse that he was once again seen. His friend Markis Incor needed to see him and knew how to get into his tower. He gained the help of the Black Company and journeyed into Zena’s Tower. They finally saw why no one had Zena and easily closed his stasis chamber and he was healed in no time. There is no telling how long he would have been trapped there if not for Markis Incor and the Black Company.

Zena promptly teleported the Black Company out of the tower so he could talk alone with his friend Markis Incor. No one has seen Zena since The Octavious Expanse. It is assumed he is still locked within his tower, doing whatever research he deems fit for him to pursue.